On December 9th 1998, The Brothers Disgruntled (BD) was started by online gamers who had spent countless hours playing some of the best (and worst) in online gaming. On 15 December 1999, we merged with the TFC clan Adrenaline Rush [AR] and in the Spring of 2000, a TFC clan called the Lost BoyZ [LBZ] disbanded and we picked up 5 of their best. In the Fall of 2007 a family of WoW gamers joined our ranks from Frozen Wrath. Knights of Ni, a WoW guild, merged with us in the Spring of 2009.

Let’s not forget these clans/guilds that became a part of BD.

Together, we stand for respect and fairplay in online gaming. Our attitude and focus is simple: We intend to have fun and WILL NOT take any crap from clans/players with lame attitudes. It is a zero tolerance policy. So, if you too are annoyed by the many jackasses out there and you would like a chance to play with some skilled online gamers who aren’t going to take anything from anyone, Get Disgruntled!

If you would like to reach us please visit our steam group or discord.